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Application Limitations

Residents are allowed to apply for only one limited entry and one once-in-a-lifetime species per year. The non-resident however, can apply for any or all species but like the resident, can still only draw one in any given year. The limited entry species are: Deer, Elk, and Pronghorn. The once-in-a-lifetime species are: Moose, Bison, Mountain Goat, Desert Bighorn Sheep and Rocky Bighorn Sheep. Our recommendation in this system is to choose one of from each category and stick with them until you draw. Don?t bounce around as this will at the very least increase your wait and at the worst severely reduce your chances of ever drawing.

You can not apply for a point and a permit for the same species in the same year. In addition, residents also can not purchase a point for a different species with-in the limited entry or once-in-a-lifetime categories if they have applied for a permit for a species in that same category.

Once you have drawn a limited entry permit, you will incur a ?waiting period? before you can apply again. This period is 2 years for deer and pronghorn and 5 years for elk. Once you have drawn a once-in-a-lifetime permit, you can never apply for a permit for that species again ? even if you are unsuccessful on the hunt.

If you apply for a limited entry deer or elk permit, you can still apply for a general deer permit or purchase a general elk permit. If you successfully draw a limited entry deer permit, your general deer application will become void. However, you will still receive a preference point in the general deer drawing. If you successfully draw a limited entry elk permit, you are ineligible to purchase a general elk permit.

Non-Resident Permit Allocations

In Utah, 10% of the available permits for any one hunt choice are reserved for non-residents. If there are fewer applications than available permits, the undersubscribed permits will be available first come ? first serve at a later date.

Hunter Safety Requirements

Anyone born after 1964 is required to show proof of completed an approved hunter safety course before they can purchase or apply for any hunting license or permit in Utah.

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