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WyomingLarge Wyoming
Required Fees


Permit Fees.................................Varies by species and type
Preference Point Fee..................Varies by species Fees

After Drawing

Conservation Stamp...................................$10
Elk Special Management Permit..............$10 (only required on some units).

Wyoming does not require that you purchase a hunting license before applying for a permit. However, they do require you to send all of the permit fees up front. This can be quite a large investment especially if you are applying for multiple species. Once you have drawn a permit, you are required to purchase a conservation stamp and to hunt elk in some units requires that you also purchase an Elk Special Management Permit.

Wyoming also has a unique fee structure where in if a non-resident is willing to pay a higher fee, the odds of drawing a deer, elk, or pronghorn permit can be increased. Though in some cases, the improved odds are only minimal. The fees for this ?Special? drawing are an extra $400 for elk and $200 for deer and pronghorn. (See Non-Resident Permit Allocations).

You may also purchase a point instead of applying for a permit. The point fees range from $30 for pronghorn up to $100 for sheep.

Wyoming also issues ?reduced price? permits for cow or calf elk and doe or fawn deer and pronghorn. These permits can be obtained at greatly reduced prices in comparison to the full price permits.

Point System
Wyoming does not use a point system to award resident deer, elk, and pronghorn permits. All mountain goat permits are also awarded separate from any point system. However, the rest of the species are awarded under a true preference point system where those with the most points will be awarded permits before those with fewer points.

Under this system, there are some hunts where a new applicant would not have chance of ever drawing. To address this, Wyoming has implemented a split system where up to 25% of the allotted permits from each unit are held out to be awarded in a random drawing. In this drawing, everyone is on the same level as points are not considered. In the random drawing, the odds can be very poor but at least there is a chance ? even for those applying for the first time.

Also a very convenient element to Wyoming?s point system is that if you draw a second or third choice hunt, you can still earn a point and the points you have already accumulated will not be deleted. (This does not apply to a moose permit.) To participate in this system, you must send the entire permit fee along with the appropriate preference point fee for the species applied for. If you draw your first choice, your points will be deleted and the extra preference point fee will be refunded to you. If you draw a second or third choice hunt, you will not receive a refund, but you will receive a preference point. If you do not draw at all, the preference point fee will be deducted and you will receive a refund for the remaining fees submitted.

Keep in mind that once you start building points in Wyoming, you will need to keep applying at least every other year. If you fail to apply or purchase a point for a particular species for two years in a row, your points for that species will be deleted from the system.

One convienient thing about Wyomings point system is that if you are just purchasing a point rather than applying for a permit, the deadline to make that point purchase isn't until the end of September.


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