Paid Outfitter Fees Program

The Future of Guided Hunting has Arrived!

When you draw your tag, Your hunt will be paid for!

How does the program work?

Currently, this program applies only to Utah but additional states will be added in the future. Participants pay an annual premium that will insure their hunt is paid for when they draw. When you do draw, no additional fees will be required. You can select a single species or add multiple species to your portfolio. Additional species will be at discounted rates. When you draw your tag, determine which outfitter you will be hunting with and we will book and pay for your hunt.
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Select Your Hunts

The hunting areas available in the Paid Outfitter Fees program include most of the Utah limited entry and once in a lifetime units and all 8 species. Upon selecting a species you can choose from the list or provide the HuntersTrailhead application team with your expectations and based on those expectations, we will select the best unit for you.
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Applying for Your Permit

The HuntersTrailhead application team will apply for your permit based on your instructions or you can choose to make that application yourself. If you elect to use the our application service, we will pay for your hunting license and also your state application fees saving you $75 or more.
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Choose your Outfitter

When you draw your coveted permit, you can choose the outfitter that best fits your expectations. The Paid Outfitter Fees program has agreements with a number of professional and highly successful outfitters for each unit and species. If our selection of outfitters doesn't fit your needs, you can select one of your own.
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Change Your Portfolio

Choose a hunting unit and stick with it until you draw or change your unit selection every year. You can also change your weapon choice as needed. Consult with the HuntersTrailhead hunt experts about your drawing odds, unit success rates and the trophy potential in each area you are interested in applying. Access your application portfolio to make additions or changes at any time.
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Species Pricing

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Species As Individual Species As Additional Species*
Deer* $350.00 $250.00
Elk* $350.00 $250.00
Pronghorn $300.00 $200.00
Moose $250.00 $150.00
Mtn. Goat $250.00 $150.00
Rocky Bighorn $250.00 $150.00
Desert Bighorn $250.00 $150.00
Bison $250.00 $150.00
*Deer and Elk are a primary species. One primary species must be selected to qualify for additional species pricing.